Morocco private tour [MOROCCO TRAILS]


Morocco is a country which is long north to south and located in the west end of North Africa. It is called Maghreb meaning "The country in which the sun goes down". Morocco faces the Atlantic Ocean on the west, and Mediterranean Sea on the north. Inland, over the Atlas Mountains, you will find a vast arid expanse. These landscapes make up the various climates of Morocco. Morocco can be divided into 3 climate regions; a Mediterranean climate in the north west, continental climate in the east, and a desert climate in the South. The coastal area of Morocco has been prospered as a gate to The European continent, taking advantage of the location which is just 14 km from Spain over the strait of Gibraltar, though it is in the African continent.
There are a lot of prospered areas which has been the trading post of the African, Middle eastern caravan.
Morocco has indigenous Berber and Arabic who immigrated with Islam. Most of Berber people still live their traditional lifestyle and the cultures are unique in each area.
The historical fact that Morocco was colonized by Rome, Islam and France made the culture of Morocco very unique mixed with Berber culture.

Morocco has a lot of different attractions. The ruins of Ancient Rome, maze-like Islamic Medina, white towns with a taste of colonial period, endless dunes of Sahara desert, great gorges and villages with the houses made of the durt of the mountain, fortified Kasbah, beaches, ski resorts. Morocco has everything from Mother Nature, Ancient ruins to relaxing resort.
A lot of tourists from all over the world visit Morocco all year around because of its exotic culture and great nature inspite of the convenient location.

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Tips for traveling in Morocco

Currency Exchange:
You can exchange at exchange counters, or at banks in most cities. Exchange rates are the same regardless of location.
There are a lot of ATMs in the country and credit cards are useful for getting cash.
What to wear?
Long sleeve shirts are needed if you are planning to go over the mountains or visit the mountain area. Women should cover themselves out of respect for the Islamic religion.
Use your right hand when you shake hands with someone since left hands are reserved for "unclean” things.
You should ask if you want to take pictures of people or animal. You may be asked to pay for the photo.
20DH for hotel porters. 5-10% for restaurants, cafes or salons.
It is hard to buy alcohol anywhere other than at large supermarkets, however it is possible to drink at hotels or bars. We can take you to supermarket, if you want to buy it.
Available with tip at restaurants and cafes. They may be out of toilet paper, therefore it is smart to carry it.
You shouldn't flush the toilet if it is not in large town. Put the used toilet paper in the trash box.
Please try to be able to wipe yourself with your left hand through the trip for ecology.
Cost of living (depends on the area. These are just a reference)
1.5L water : 6DH
A cup of coffee at a cafe : 10DH
Petite Taxi 2km : 20DH
Meal at a casual restaurant : 50DH
The political situation is stable and relatively safe. It's safe enough for women to travel alone, but you should be mindful of pickpockets.
Official languages
Arabic, Berber, (French)
Capital city
Moroccan dirham